Saturday, January 11, 2014

Maniacal Snow Drift

This post is copied from my other blog Avid Art. It's from 2011.
It exists better here.
I yanked this post from my other blog.
Well, actually the cat made me do it (copy cat).
You'll probably be seeing more of the like here on this blog.

"Snow Drift" sculpture
foam, plaster, wire, acrylic paint on mat board

"Jobin Study" painting
oil on panel,
2011, private collection

Sometimes you just have to break away and try something for the simple pleasure of creating. Something outside of the normal scope of work.
Here's a fun little project I did as a Christmas decoration.

My inspiration came after seeing the Tim Burton show at LACMA. I just had to do something grim and maniacal for a change. I love doing projects like these. It takes me away from the usual art I do and has a way of feeding my creativity when I go back to it. So I find it artistically healthy.

The recipient is a fan of this kind of art. I sent her two emails, prior to giving it her, as a teaser of what was to come and to arouse her curiosity. They were hints based on my ideas. The first an old (modified) philosophical question that was the basis for the piece. The second a short poem I wrote for it.

The first email:
If a tree screams in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?

The second email:
Beware of Serene Scenes

Snow can be evil,

Snow can be grim,

It can rise up against you,

At its own whim.

The small cat portrait is of her (mad) cat,which isn't friendly to other cats, the mad catter you might say. Originally that was what I was going to give her. Upon finishing it I thought, how lame that would be to hand her that! But I still wanted to incorporate it into the sculpture though so I hung it as an ornament. It did not have to make perfect sense, this was all about the fun. No rules.4


  1. I really love your evil snow drift and the terrified tree David - very funny! I also liked your play on the traditional koan of the tree falling in the forest. Great little poem too! All very original! You are obviously very talented with words as well as with art!

    1. Thanks Wendy, I had some fun with this one, especially working in a completely different medium for a change. I am thinking of doing another of these foam sculptures as soon as I come up with an idea.
      Keep painting...