Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Industrial Garden

"Industrial Garden 1"
digital, Brushes app

Industrial meets the garden, sort of.

This blog will feature more of my random artistic musings and that means more iPad art.
I use the iPad for experimenting, trying out new idea's.

It's certainly cheaper than wasting paint so I like it for that.

Trying out new idea's means for me I am never really finished with any one iPad drawing/painting. They are all works in progress so I just reach a point and stop. Sometimes posted as is, other times I may rework one and repost.

It is a bit crude (unrefined) but again the only digital tool I have is the iPad with the Brushes app and I am still in the digital learning curve. Bear with me as I take it for a ride, think Driver's Ed.

Like this one above. It simply is at this current state. Will I go any further on it? I don't know.
I got the idea down visually and that is what counts. It is a beginning. I don't want to work it to death. I want it to remain fresh like a sketch. It would serve me better to just do another, and besides I will get better which each one, so move on.

Lately I have had fusion on my mind, part of the reason for a new blog. I like the idea of combining two things opposite or two things, one of which I like (industrial) with another I don't like or at least, don't normally do (floral, bunnies, kittens) 

Many of these will also serve as studies for paintings or drawings in traditional mediums.13