Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Avid Art 2 - What is it?

OK, so here it is. For now represented by a bunny... no, a rabbit (maybe I should call it rabid art?)
But please don't expect too much. I don't even know where it's headed.
That's the point.

What I do know is this one won't be too formal. I will leave it completely open to changing it on a whim if I feel like it.

I may change the header, the colors, the type, the format, the content, who knows. I might even have long run-on sentences (sorry High School English teacher)...  well, probably not that last one.

When I decided to do another blog I spent a lot of time thinking about what and how to do it all, nearly driving myself crazy with planning, then it dawned on me, STOP IT! Just do it like a chameleon would and change it if I don't like something. Not everything has to go down a paved road. Every so often it's good to suddenly turn left into the brush, prickly's and all.

It will primarily be comprised of anything and everything that does not fit over there on my Avid Art blog.
Oddballs, misfits and square pegs meant for round holes, it's got to go somewhere.

Oh yeah, this is the place for my SARDONIC side, (or maybe it's DEADPAN, I can't remember) so try not to whine about it or get all, like, you know, weird.

If you're squeamish, suffer from dizzy spells, have a weak heart, are easily or uneasily offended, are generally uneasy, get queasy, prefer cheesy, only like cute, wear a suit, or overly politically correct you might not want to go any further (or is it farther?), instead go pour yourself some tea and write your congressman or something.

It's not going to be pretty!

The drawing above is for now the official Avid Art 2 representative (unless I decide to fire him later).
It was originally a small ballpoint pen drawing from a sketchbook. I then sent it off to the iPad, worked on it there, rather crudely, sent it back and here it is.
I like it because it is not cute, is not too cartoony, is not realistic, is sort of deadpan in expression?
At least it just IS something. Mostly I like it for what it is NOT.

One interesting note. If you compare it to the header image, the eyes being slightly darker gives it a subtly more intense look.
I will keep this in mind since one plan I have is to do various versions of "him" over time.1

Stay tuned.

...and keep painting...



  1. Congratulations on launching your new blog David! I like your rabid bunny!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for turning left. This is going to be fun here. Glad you like my rabid bunny!
    And congratulations to you, you are the first official commenter on Avid Art 2!

    Keep painting...