Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rabbit Reiterated (again)

Digital, Brushes app

OK... as I work on Art-A-Fair paintings, submissions for shows, even a wall graphic etc, I will be posting more iPad art. This is because I am not posting work for shows until notification or in the case of Art-A-Fair not until the show draws closer. Even then most I will not post until the show starts.
... maybe a teaser on my Avid Art blog at some point?

I have been getting more quality time with the Brushes app, both 1 & 2. I am actually comfortable enough with it now that I am finally enjoying it.
Enjoying it is important because it does give me a break from working on all the projects with specific goals or intentions in mind. With these I do anything and everything that comes to mind. I can just let it flow and it has a way of clearing my head which is artistically healthy. As you can see it is very different from my work on Avid Art.20

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