Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just to Reiterate...



Digital, Brushes app

As I may have said I needed some place to put my artistic ramblings, the stuff that passes through my head but does not quite fit on my (real) blog. That is why I started this one, a dusty little corner somewhere in my brain.
The best part is no pressure, no pressure to impress or earn so it's more akin to a sketchbook.

Here are digital iteration's of AvidRabbit (or would they qualify as re-reiteration's since there are now at least 5 versions not counting the original ballpoint pen sketch? I really don't know. How many re-'s are we allowed? Does anyone know?).

What I like about the digital medium is the ability to make variations of the original painting or sketch without losing it. Just hit duplicate at any point and start going left with it. Don't like it? DELETE, go back, try again. Part way through a painting? Don't want to risk screwing it up but you want to try something out? There is of course the undo button but if you are a ways down the road already that is too many taps. Duplicate and full speed ahead. The saved version is safely tucked away.18,19

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