Thursday, April 30, 2015


Digital, Brushes app

Just playing here. Started with shapes until I saw some suggestion of form and idea(?).
From there it morphed into a dog, a rock dog. I ran with it and ended here.
It was a good exercise in allowing my brain to play without constraints or formality.

It can be hard to retrain our brains to think another way we are not used to (in our usual work).
This is a good way for me.

I am not liking the lava streams. I worked on them over and over trying different approaches, even studying lava photos. Eventually I simplified it back down. I know it can be better. But as I have said I consider these iPad paintings as works in progress. Maybe I'll keep working it and re-post.22


  1. I admire you for digging in to the digital realm. I want to do that too, but I suspect I'll quickly discover that I need the expensive professional tools, like the Wacom pad, etc, to get the results that I hope for. Are you looking into those yet? Also, do you find the experience to be way different from your usual painting experience? I'm kind of wondering if all that technology will take away from the meditative, creative feeling that I get when I'm drawing. It's a whole new world!

  2. Hi Katherine,
    As far as expense, yes it could get costly fast if you went right for a Wacom tablet and computer programs, into the thousands? Certainly in the hundreds. If I ever spent that kind of money I would be looking to generate income from it.

    I had a cheaper tablet for my computer a few years ago and enjoyed it before it became obsolete as tech does every five years or so.

    I would suggest trying an iPad or similar tablet first and get your feet digitally wet before investing in computer versions. Maybe you have one already? If not used ones can be far cheaper on eBay.

    For tablets many basic apps are free or cost less than ten dollars.
    You can then upgrade, pay for, more advanced versions if you like.
    Brushes, Sketchbook series (Express, Ink and Pro), ArtRage, Procreate, Inspire, Art Set which has colored pencils!, Tayasui Sketches,and many others.

    You can go to the Apple App Store and see many of them.
    You might want one with vectored drawing ability.

    Stylus' too range from really cheap to more expensive pressure sensitive ones.
    Pressure sensitive ones need an app that accepts pressure sensitive stylus.

    The experience is different, initially it takes some time to get used to the tactile feel of a stylus on glass, but after that it is fun. But it is always on a screen so there are inherent differences from working with traditional media.
    Is it less meditative? I guess that depends on you. Once I got used to it I enjoy as much as traditional media.

    I recommend giving it a go on a tablet. It won't replace your pen and ink work but has lots of uses and advantages and can support or boost your creativity in
    your traditional medium work.

    Keep drawing...